Band Camp 2020 Poll

For those of you who haven't heard, this past Friday MHSAA released their decision to postpone the football season until the spring (dates yet to be announced).

Whiteford is an amazing community, and I will be the first to pledge that we also postpone our marching band season until the spring as well, so as to support our team. Hopefully restrictions will have lifted by the springtime which will allow us to perform at home football games and cheer on our students.

My intent with high school band right now is to begin the school year by working on our marching band music. Many students love the music that we play in marching band, and I want to start this year by working on music that is fun to learn and play. Once we have the show music down, we'll move on to concert music until it is time to prepare for the football season.

The decision that I'm left with now is this:

Do we still hold our band camp next week to get our players back into shape for the school year?

At any time, a decision could be made that will dictate whether or not we can actually hold camp; regardless of the steps we take to ensure we are being safe with the students. Still, I'd like to hear from our students and families. I've explained to our students before that band at Whiteford is THEIR band, and I'd like to know what students want and what families are comfortable with.

Please, students and parents, fill out this short poll to help me make an informed decision. Even if you are utterly uncomfortable with the idea of in-person rehearsals, please let me know!

I hate the thought of delaying any decisions when we're so close to the start of camp, but we won't run camp if you and your family do not feel safe. 


Thank you all for your patience and support. These are strange times. I want to do what's best for our students.

-Mr. Welling