October 2019 Meeting Highlights

Thanks to everyone who made it to the meeting tonight. Here are some highlights:

Todd’s sound system is installed and in use and is very much appreciated! This system will be moved to the new room when the levy passes! Ensemble singers will carol at the Toledo Zoo on December 19, and more performances are in the works. He will secure the rights for this years musical, Fiddler on the Roof, in the coming weeks!

Dave’s marchers have two more home games left in their season, as well as a performance at EMU Band Day this Saturday and a Veterans’ Day parade on November 9. He has a bumper crop of fifth graders joining band this year!

Middle school band and choir will perform next Thursday for the elementary students (parents are also welcome!) at 10:00.

Next Tuesday the 29th is the annual high school band and choir Halloween concert at 7:00pm.

Loel reports concessions are going strong and she is already setting up schedules for basketball season. She still needs more volunteers for this and next weeks’ games.

Thanks to Boosters for purchasing new garment bags for the marching band uniforms. They look great and are a great help to the kids for staying organized on performance days. Thanks also for purchasing new clothing racks for to be used for the musical.